Grtdhx 32GB Hi-Fi Lossless MP3 Players with Bluetooth

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  • ♬【32GBlossless Music Player】: MP3 Player with unique build-in 32GB memory and expandable up to 128G TF card which can store more than 8000 songs. You can use this MP3 player as flash driver to save many files or music. Support multiple music formats like MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV etc.
  • ♬【MP3 Player with Bluetooth】: Grtdhx MP3 Player has 4.1 Version Bluetooth module which has better compatibility and lower power consumption. Longer receiving distance and automatic connections help Bluetooth devices like headphones connect to our music player easily.
  • ♬【MP3 Player with FM Radio】: It can record the music you listen to from phonograph, tape drive, CD, DVD and mobile phone using our designated audio cable, and enjoy it again anywhere you like. This is not possible with other MP3 players. The MP3 player is also a portable radio with headphones. Independent radio IC design helps players get stronger signals. It can easily receive your favorite radio station.
  • ♬【Pedometers and Armbands】: Not only a normal MP3 Player but also a useful daily device. It has FM radio, pedometer, alarm clock, E-book, picture viewer, music direct recording and voice recording functions. Armband and earphone as bonus, this MP3 Player is excellent gift for families and friends.
  • ♬【Durable and Fashion Design】: Aim at better user experience, we use metal case and sensitive touch button to build this MP3 Player. Palm size and light weight make it easy to put into your pocket or armband and enjoy music anywhere.



Grtdhx is a mp3 player brand, born for music and running.

※Born for music: Unique function: Line record with HIFI and Lossless,help you collect music from tapes CD record disc computer or phone, change them into mp3/wav form with lossless, upload them to icloud, so you can keep your favourite music forever, donot worry tape degauss or damp

※Design for sports: highly sensitive touch buttons 4.1pedometer and armband,makes it very easy to use and easy to carry, especially when you wearing gloves, running, jogging, traveling and hiking.

※Convenient: The mp3 player with speaker, you can turn the volume down and put it on the pillow, so you donot have to wear a earphone when you sleeping, support shuffle play.

※Very Good After-Sale Service: After you buy the music player, any question you have we will always be here for you, with our professional After-Sale Service we will guide you to use the music player correctly


Good exterior: the device is made of metallic material, high strength/shocking and crushing resistance

*Lock Button:Key lock (to avoid misuse,To operate Open the lock key operation )

*FM Radio: insert the earphone into socket, used as the antenna of FM radio.FM doesn’t work without earphone

*Video : support AMV AVI format ( Need to convert through the conversion tool128 * 160 size format) *Compatible System:Windows7/8/8.1/XP/Vista/2000/Mac OS 10

*Please note that this mp3 player doesn’t support OGG DRM Audiobooks

*Please kindly note that this device can only pair with Bluetooth speaker and bluetooth earphone,and it cannot pair with car bluetooth or bluetooth smartphone

*Can you play music from iTunes without first converting files?

Please note: iTunes download is not supported

You need to download iTunes music to your computer and download it to the MP3 player via the data cable.

324 reviews for Grtdhx 32GB Hi-Fi Lossless MP3 Players with Bluetooth

  1. Anna Drake

    Bought this for my daughter for her birthday. She wanted one like her cousin has but yours had more storage which was a good selling point for me.

  2. Jordan donges

    It feels extremely sturdy and like it won’t break easily, thats good considering my last mp3 broke easily. The sound quality from the speakers isn’t 100% the best but it’s better than a lot of mp3’s with speakers, the controls are smooth but a bit hard to shift over to because my previous mp3 had buttons. I over all loved how it feels to use and already have 1700 songs on it.

  3. David Farnham

    Great product, well built I wish my wireless headphones worked with it, but i guess i can buy new ones.

  4. Joseph M Plocki

    Love the battery life and the ability to bookmark sense I use it for my audiobooks

  5. Judith Blomgren

    Am new to this device or anything like it so will take me awhile to learn how to use it. I purchased it to listen to books from the local library

  6. Benjamin Walker

    Very functional. It is what I needed it to be, an affordable device that I can use anywhere and anytime without the fear of losing it or having it damaged. I have not had it very long, but it seems to fit the bill.

  7. Ken Kierstead

    So far, I’m very happy with the MP3. It was easy to get up and running and to transfer all my music from my computer. And it sounds better than my iPod!!!!

  8. Latisha Sims

    I like the locking feature that’s offered and easy to use and actually have a manual that goes with it.

  9. Robert Koller

    the mp3 player is the perfect size for running or biking. Very easy to load up music

  10. Daniel Cain

    enjoy your mp3 player,better than apple ipod , will buy again in the future,thanks for your customer service and quality product.

  11. Daniel Cain

    i loved it when i got it so i ordered 1 more from amazon. great company/ service

  12. J.M. Butler

    Very functional, does what it says it will do, performs as advertised.

  13. Travis Shinkle

    I just got it so we will see if I like it. It seems to be very easy to use.

  14. Carlton Dyce

    Very flexible great sound easy to use great for workout

  15. kristy stultz

    It works a lot like my old sony walkman and that’s a big plus. I LOVE the size of the memory and that I can upgrade with a memory card.

  16. Lynda Davis

    I like that is it compact and not big and bulky. It has a great sound. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase.

  17. Bryan Wilson

    So far so good on this .mp3 player. Just loaded my first few albums today on it.

  18. Frederick James

    Always used MP3 player with line in. This is super easy to use


    Could not connect to computer to download music

  20. Travis LeBaron

    I really liked that it was easy to transfer songs over and it seems to be well made. Excited to see if we really can record a bunch of old LPs so we can have them digitalized.

  21. Lisa Hughart

    Works well! I use it a lot! Battery last good also.

  22. Bernie Garcia

    Like it like the products it came with

  23. Malvin Carter

    Player seems to be solidly well made with many useful features. Would like to be able to control some functions from buttons on the included headphones but that would probably increase the price too much; still…it would be a nice feature to have. I like the fact that it has a built-un speaker.

  24. April Pierson

    I love it glad we purchased it

  25. Sam E Sendrejas

    Easy to handle and manipulate. on the go and convenient.

  26. Sharon Wittmann

    I just opened the package and am charging the unit, so I haven’t had a chance to us it yet.

  27. Sally Bormann

    I like most everything about it–sound, ease, speed of transfer, intuitive controls. I do wish it were easier to get audiobooks that are out of sync back in order. I have tried renaming the files, copying and pasting them in albums in the correct order and so on, but no luck so far.

  28. Robert Albert

    Does not work with car radio.
    Would like to know how to make it work with car radio.

  29. Gina Johnson

    Simple to use. Has all basic functions. I do not like that you can’t “search” so I have to scroll through to find songs/artists.

  30. Paul Lafond

    Have not used it much to this point. Will be putting it through it’s paces in the next month or so.

  31. Debra Padilla

    I bought this MP3 player to replace my previous Grtdhx that came apart when the battery swelled up. I use this everyday and am extremely happy with this product, so it was a no-brainer to purchase this brand again.

  32. Vijay Singh

    Like how light it is and easy to play.

  33. Robert Grace

    I haven’t used for long but i like it very much


    Right now I am add music to it. Transferring from I-tunes to MP3 is very time consuming. Wish there was a quicker way

  35. John Tobiasson

    It is relatively simple and functional. I wish the order that imported songs showed up in matched the song title better.

  36. Jesse Sawyer

    I chose this for the functionality. Line in recording is great. I like the build quality, it feels really solid. Sound quality is good too.

  37. Anne Gers

    Easy setup and fairly intuitive to use. The form factor is small and discreet but also has a good weight, it feels like a good quality build. I really enjoy using this as a dedicated music player.

  38. ML Marriott

    Wish it played AAX files, but found a conversion app

  39. Carldale D Janes Sr

    Other than being kinda small I like it. Send me another one for my wife.

  40. Tony Martin

    This is a nice design, good weight and very good features. I pray to get really good use and service out of the unit. I pray your customer service is really good and professional. These factors go a long way when i evaluate a unit and its manufacturer.

  41. barry simmons

    My second day with the product…Power (battery) icon says I have a full charge, but once I had plugged it into my laptop (USB) a second, larger icon appeared on the same screen, looks like an empty battery, and a notice appeared at the top of the screen, something to the effect,”Do not unplug”. After a couple of hours, nothing had changed, so I removed the plug and tested the machine. Not knowing what else to do, I got to the first Settings menu and tried to set the time and date, but none of the keys would take me beyond the menu…none of the keys seemed to work at all…I locked the device and unlocked it (multiple times) so that’s not the problem. My original eagerness to test the device eventually gave way to red-eyed frustration, and I had to put the device down and step away from it for the day; today I’m back, and wondering how to proceed…any ideas? Could you share them with me, please? I’m really pleased with the 32GB MP3, based on looks and feel (impressively robust!) But I’m at a loss as to how to proceed from this point-do you have any ideas for me?

  42. Bethany Cundiff

    I purchased this for my 8 yr old as a birthday gift because it looked simple and user-friendly. I will probably borrow this from time to time to use myself!

  43. donald a foote


  44. Crystal Peel

    Its good I really like the price the buttons and how heavy and well built it is

  45. JR Baxter

    Nice design and functions. Also plays MP3 as well as M4A. Added accessories are very nice touch.

  46. Lisa Norvell

    Easy to go through the menu good sound large capacity.

  47. Steve Horn

    I can’t load music yet from my mac

  48. Barbara Sharp

    I like the size, i really bought for just music but it had alot of great features. only thing its alittle hard to push the card in but besides that is really nice

  49. Rock Edward Lucas

    Small, convenient, very full-functioned. Bluetooth pairs easily (car and speaker) and works well.

  50. Richard Whitworth

    Seems to be difficult to transfer CD’s to the MP3 player

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